Delia Carr

Delia Carr.jpg

Delia graduated from PSU in 2016 with a degree in finance. She currently works in Asset & Liability Management Internal Audit at PNC. Her team is responsible for reviewing the capital and liquidity levels at PNC and the risk management processes surrounding them to ensure that if the bank or market experiences stress PNC would be able to remain a going concern.

Vinay Ayala

Vinay graduated from PSU in 2011 with a degree in Finance. He now lives in NYC and works as an analyst for the hedge fund Surveyor Capital, where his main focus is to research public investment ideas.  Prior to Surveyor, he worked at Morgan Stanley as an equity research associate and had various internships in asset management focused roles during his summers while at PSU. Main activities at PSU included the Nittany Lion Fund and Springfield (duh!).

Grant Elledge


Grant graduated from PSU in 2014 and loved Happy Valley so much that he decided to start his own business in State College. Grant is the founder of UpGrade Tutoring, a tutoring service for Penn State students that offers exam reviews and individual or group tutoring services. Grant is open to bringing on interns, so if you are interested in the slightest, reach out!