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Have a specific question? Springfield's chairs can be reached via email at:

Executive Chair Kelly Williams executive@springfieldpsu.org
Alternative Fundraising Chair Beth Reilly alternativefundraising@springfieldpsu.org
Communications Chair Justina Luongo communications@springfieldpsu.org
Community Chair Mitch Rosen community@springfieldpsu.org
Donor and Alumni Relations (DAR) Chair Panini Pandya dar@springfieldpsu.org
Donor and Alumni Relations (DAR) Chair Erin Bevilacqua dar@springfieldpsu.org
Fundraising Outreach Chair Kathryn King fundraisingoutreach@springfieldpsu.org
Family Relations (FR) Chair Hailey Atiyeh fr@springfieldpsu.org
Family Relations (FR) Chair Joey Deptula fr@springfieldpsu.org
Special Events Chair Corey Pasternak specialevents@springfieldpsu.org