Meet the Chairs

Executive Chair - Kelly Williams

Kelly is a Senior, double majoring in Biology and Kinesiology. If you ask her what she plans to do after graduation, she’ll often tell you an array of things she is considering, but it will all revolve around helping others. She is from Harleysville, PA and enjoys Philly sports but really could care less about the endless Philly vs. Pittsburgh debate. In her free time she enjoys hiking (especially with her dog), riding horses, cooking, hammocking, or binge watching any Marvel series on Netflix. Upon arriving at Penn State she followed in her brothers footsteps in joining Springfield and has loved every second of it since. Kelly likes to pretend that she doesn’t have emotions but in reality she is secretly obsessed with everyone in Springfield and couldn’t imagine a better group of people to surround herself with. She served as the Canning & Canvassing Chair for THON 2017, and couldn’t be more excited to serve as the Executive Chair for THON 2019 and see all that Springfield can accomplish! Kelly’s roommates are honestly tired of hanging out with her so if you ever want to get coffee and chat about questions, comments, suggestions or what’s going on in your life feel free to reach out to her at!

Family Relations Chair - Joey Deptula

Joey is a senior from Shamokin, PA majoring in Civil Engineering with a focus in transportation and minoring in German.  His future goal is to work for a general contractor as a project manager on heavy construction jobs. You can often hear Joey talking about his time as an exchange student in Germany, which has fostered his love for reading about global politics. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, speaking German, listening to music, and dancing at power remix! His passion for THON has grown through interactions with Springfield’s four families.  Joey is delighted to serve alongside Hailey as a Family Relations Chair for the THON 2019 season. If you have any questions/comments/concerns/compliments please reach out to her at


Family Relations Chair - Hailey Atiyeh

Hailey is a sophomore from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders. In her free time, Hailey enjoys spending time with family, watching The Office, and going on long bike rides. After attending her very first Springfield meeting, she immediately fell in love with the organization! She is amazed by the endless amounts of kindness and dedication that she sees from all of Springfield’s members on a daily basis. Hailey is so excited to work alongside her co-chair, Joey, and create wonderful memories with our four families as a Family Relations chair for THON 2019. If you have any questions, concerns or ideas, feel free to reach out to Hailey at


Donor and Alumni Relations Chair - Erin Bevilacqua

Erin is a junior from State College, PA studying Mathematics and Statistics. When she isn't solving problems, you can find her hiking, tossing a frisbee, or singing in choir. If you ask her what she wants to do after graduation, her response will vary from "work in cryptography, do data analysis, go to grad school, or possibly become a lawyer" to "I honestly have no clue" depending on her mood. Erin joined Springfield her freshmen year and fell truly in love with the club during THON weekend that February. Ever since, Springfield has been one of the most important cornerstones of her college career, and she is incredibly excited for the coming year. If you have any questions about DAR or fundraising/donating inquiries, you can reach her at!


Donor and Alumni Relations Chair - Panini Pandya

Panini is a junior majoring in International Relations and Spanish. After graduation she hopes to marry into royalty in some obscure European country, but if that doesn't work out she'll probably go to graduate school. When she's not sealing THONvelopes, you can find her burying herself in work in the Biobehavioral Health Building, trying to be #fit at Power Remix in the White Building, and making guilty late night trips to Taco Bell. A self-proclaimed dessert queen, Panini firmly believes dulce de leche is superior to caramel. Panini fell in love with Springfield after her first canning weekend her freshman year and she could not be more excited to serve as a chair for THON 2019! If you have any questions about DAR or fundraising/donating inquiries, you can reach her at!

Fundraising Outreach Chair - Kathryn King

Kathryn is a sophomore majoring in biology with a specialty in vertebrate physiology. She is from the South Hills of Pittsburgh in a town called Mt. Lebanon, affectionately known as “the bubble.” After she cracks a few jokes, Kathryn will tell you about how incredible it is to be a part of an organization that is rooted in something so much greater than themselves. After her time at Penn State, she plans to enter a MD/ PhD program for immunotherapy and oncology research. Kathryn could not be more excited to work with Springfield as the Fundraising Outreach Chair for THON 2019!  Feel free to reach out to her at with any questions, ideas, or secret society theories.

Communications Chair - Justina Luongo

Justina is a junior majoring in Psychology and Film. She is from West Chester, PA which is affectionately known by the locals as “Dub C”. If you ask Justina about what she intends to do after graduation, she’ll laugh. When If Justina has free time, you can more than likely catch her watching Project Runway (any related spinoff included) or RuPaul’s Drag Race, reading, drawing, or playing with her camera like it’s a toy and not an expensive, fragile piece of equipment. Justina joined Springfield as a freshman and is blown away everyday with their continued commitment to THON and to each other. Aside from her involvement in Springfield, she has been a videographer for both THON and Penn State’s annual music festival, Movin’ On. If you have any questions/concerns/puns or just want to talk about vine, feel free to reach out to Justina at!

Alternative Fundraising Chair - Beth Reilly

Beth is a senior majoring in Agribusiness Management and minoring in Supply Chain and Information Systems. She is from West Chester, PA which is “right outside of Philly” along with half of Penn State. After graduation, Beth hopes to work in sustainable supply chain by making the production process, specifically with the food industry, more efficient and environmentally friendly. At Penn State, Beth is also involved in her business fraternity Phi Beta Lambda, gives tours as a Lion Scout, and works with her product development team through the Penn State Chapter for the National Agri-Marketing Association. In her free time, she loves to read, drink copious amounts of coffee and tea, and pet as many dogs as possible. Beth joined Springfield at the start of her freshman year and immediately fell in love with the organization. She even got to dance for Springfield in THON 2018, which is easily her favorite memory with the organization (so far!). She is extremely excited to give back to Springfield in her last year as the Alternative Fundraising Chair for THON 2019! If you have any questions for Beth or would like to learn more about Alternative Fundraising you can email her at!

Special Events Chair - Corey Pasternak

Corey is a sophomore majoring in Finance, while possibly minoring in Management Information Systems and Information Sciences and Technology in Supply Chain (honestly who knows). He is from Telford, PA, which is just on the edge of the “outside of Philly” group, and because of this, he is extremely passionate about all Philadelphia sports teams. When he isn’t around Springfield, Corey is watching Netflix, listening to music, taking naps, eating too much food, thinking about Springfield or breathing. Fair warning, he will also make an excessive amount of Spongebob jokes. Corey found Springfield during his first week of freshman year and hasn’t looked back since, making new friends and finding a family along the way. After Penn State, he doesn’t really know what he will be doing, but he hopes to have a job (dream big, start small). If you have any questions about Springfield, want to discuss Philly sports, or want to talk about how Wawa is better than Sheetz, feel free to reach out to Corey at

Community Chair - Mitch Rosen

Mitch is a senior from Richboro, PA. Before going on, he’d like to remind you that the Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl 52 Champions. Anyway, Mitch is majoring in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Physics - ask him why and he’ll probably tell you he thinks space is cool or something. In his free time, you can find Mitch at the beach, snowboarding, or marveling at the fact that he has free time. Mitch has always dreamt of being a contestant on Jeopardy, and he’s still waiting to be invited for an audition after totally not cheating on the online test. Post grad, Mitch hopes to work for NASA. Mitch’s love for Springfield has been unwavering since joining the first week of his freshman year, and he can’t wait to show a new group of members why as he brings in Springfield’s best class yet. If you have any question or just want to chat, you can reach Mitch at!

The Springfield chairs would love to hear from you. Contact them anytime! For general questions, email