Anne Marie W/ Template.jpg

What is your hometown?
Sinking Spring, PA

What is your major?
Supply Chain and Information Systems

What stood out to you about Springfield?
During the first week of classes sophomore year, I went to the ice cream social at the creamery. A bunch of us sat in a circle and talked to Tori and other members of the board at the time about Springfield and why we should join. When they talked about how Springfield was a family and how they were all each others best friends, there was this true genuine tone Tori's voice. The people really are what stood out to me. They are all very smart, successful and caring people with a strong and obvious passion to do good in this world!

What was your favorite Springfield event?
I really enjoy the Spirit Week of Madness! Usually the week before THON is hectic with classes, papers and exams, but these events give you time to focus on what is important. It really gets you excited about THON!

What does Springfield mean to you?
To me, Springfield means HOPE! Hope that one day children won't have to fight this awful disease. It's amazing how hard Springfield works to raise money and more importantly make a difference in the lives of our four families. Springfield made a difference in my life, and with people like the ones in Springfield, I am hopeful that one day we will find a cure for this awful disease!