Katie Gergel Edit 3.jpg

Where are you from?
West Chester, PA

What year are you and how long have you been in Springfield?
I'm a junior and even though I was casually involved during freshman year I would say I really got involved last year. So one year.

Why did you join Springfield?
I joined Springfield as a freshman because I was told it would be a good idea to be a part of a THON org. But I really didn't know too much about THON or what being a part of Springfield would mean, so I hesitated to really jump in during freshman year. Sophomore year, however, showed me that being a part of Springfield meant not only helping out for an amazing cause but making legitimate and real friendships along the way. The people I've met in Springfield are some of the friendliest, zaniest, funniest, and best to be around people, and I can always count on them to hype me up if I'm ever in a bad mood. Plus, being in Springfield and involved in THON in general constantly reminds me of what it means to have something in my life that is so much greater than myself and makes such an impact in so many lives.

What is your favorite Springfield memory?
Probably the car ride to my first canning trip. It was a couple weeks into sophomore year and it was the first canning trip I had ever been on. While canning itself was an amazing experience, the car ride there was insane and made a five hour drive feel like it passed within a few minutes. Shoutout to Alpha Car and Dan Herlihy's insane rapping skills.

What does Springfield mean to you?
Springfield means a group of people who genuinely want those around them to be happy. When you're with Springfielders, you never have to worry about judgment or negativity. It's always just time spent making memories with people who never fail to lift your spirits.