Sarah Hohman Edit.jpg

Where are you from?
Mansfield, PA

What year are you and how long have you been in Springfield?
Sophomore--since early freshman year!

Why did you join Springfield?
College was a tougher adjustment than I thought, and I searched for every new group of friends possible to help ease the transition. It wasn't until I came to a Springfield meeting with my roommate on a random Sunday night that I found another family (cheesy but so true).

What is your favorite Springfield memory?
My favorite Springfield memory was standing at the entrance to 120 after a committee shift at one of my toughest parts of the weekend. I was really struggling and I couldn't decide whether to stay or leave the BJC for a few hours. I called my Dad who reminded me why I was there and then I walked into our section. Some of my greatest friends, role models, and inspirations recognized I was having a tough time and gave me the biggest hugs. I realized the importance of leaning on each other through all we do, and how we are strongest as a whole, not as one.

What does Springfield mean to you?
Springfield means hope even when facing something so scary and unfair like childhood cancer. Springfield means fighting your hardest fight even before you've met many of those you're fighting for. And Springfield means the greatest joy I've ever experienced in seeing our kids celebrate every victory with the most beautiful smiles.

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