What year are you?

Where are you from?
Jamsion, PA

How did you end up here at Penn State?
I didn't even want to apply to Penn State during the summer before my senior of high school, but my parents forced me to come visit, and I fell in love during the tour!

What is your Major? Minor? Why?
I just switched my major to Biology last semester from Biomedical Engineering and I absolutely love it. I'm not sure what I want to do after I graduate yet, but I know I want to help people.

What are your hobbies and interests?
I like running and am trying to work up the courage to sign up for a half marathon in the fall. I love to read and snuggle up with a million pillows and blankets with a good book.

What’s a fun fact about you?
Right now I'm taking a plant class and my teacher says that I should be able to identify any plant you give me, so test that theory out some time.

Where do you hope to see yourself ten years from now?
Wow ten years, that's a long time. I see myself hopefully married by then and I definitely want a dog, or maybe two. Let's hope I've finally figured out what I want to do with my life. I know I'll still be coming back to Penn State football games every weekend and I would love to still be in touch with Springfield and hear about all the great things they're doing.

What are you most proud of?
This sounds so corny, but it's definitely the THON 2017 season and our THON 2017 fundraising total. I had a really really really tough Sunday of THON. Like I was pretty ready to quit. I had tonsillitis and did not think I was gonna make it, but the second that total went up I felt like I could run a marathon. That moment was the most amazing, incredible moment of my life. All I could do is scream and sob and hug Kelly Williams and think, "WE DID THIS!!!! ALL OUR HARD WORK WENT TO THIS MOMENT AND LOOK AT WHAT WE DID!!!! WE DID THIS INCREDIBLE, AMAZING THING AND WE DID IT TOGETHER!!!" I just wanted to hug everyone and thank them for listening to all our nagging throughout the fundraising season. It was incredible and amazing and mind blowing and it scares me that I might not accomplish something that great again in my entire life.

Why did you decide to get involved with THON?
I had heard so much about THON from living in Pennsylvania for 10 years, so I wanted to check it out and see what all the dancing was about.

How did you end up joining Springfield?
I ended up joining Springfield because my freshmen year roommate, Betsy Miller, heard from her SHOtime leader that it was THE org to join. I didn't even go to another org meeting, I knew Springfield was the one for me after the first meeting.

What is your favorite thing about Springfield?
My favorite thing about Springfield is that the people genuinely, truly and actually care about you, your well-being, and your life. You're not just in this organization to fundraise; when people say Springfield is a family, they mean it not only because of the support, but the 200+ brothers and sisters that get forced upon you when you join. I meant that affectionately, trust me. Our family goes from people you can always count on to like your instagrams, to people you can count on to wish you luck before exams and ask you how your mom's new job is going. It's incredible how much these people care. I guess when you put together a club of people raising money to wipe childhood cancer off the face of the planet, you're gonna get a group of people who care this much.

What is your favorite Springfield memory?
See response for my proudest moment. That total doesn't beat anything.

If you could describe Springfield in one word, what would it be?

What impact has Springfield had on you and your college experience?
Springfield has given me my best friends, my roommates, my boyfriend and a majority of my college experience at Penn State. It's impossible to sum up the "impact" Springfield has made on me because it has become a part of me.

Why do you THON?
I THON because I'm so sick and tired of cancer ruining lives. It comes into someone's life and leaves a path of destruction and despair. It makes people feel helpless and out of control. I THON because it brings back humanity into families' lives that are affected by cancer. THON shows families that they are not alone and they have a whole army of fierce college students on their side, fighting to find a cure. I THON for a brighter future, for all our little lion cubs and for all the reasons that my fellow Springfielders THON. I THON for the Robertsons, the Colons, the Silbaughs, the Schopfs and every other Four Diamonds family.