What year are you?

Where are you from?
Pittsburgh, PA! :)

What is your Major? Minor? Why?
So, I'm currently a Secondary Education major (with English and Special Education minors) but I came in as a Public Relations major freshman year, having no real reason for it- I just knew I loved people, and the idea of PR made sense for at the time. As I got involved on campus freshman year, I found the things I loved involved helping and teaching others. I felt dread to do anything that actually related to my PR major, until one night over the summer after freshman year, it hit me in the face- Education was the perfect fit for me. My high school teachers had done so much for me over the years, and to have an impact even half of what they had on me sounds like the most incredible opportunity in the world. So, I went to the Chambers Building literally the next day, signed the paper to switch majors, and haven't looked back since!

What are your hobbies and interests?
I like making. This is admittedly broad, but it's an umbrella term for what makes me happiest. I love crafting and getting lost in Michael's for hours, writing, filming and editing videos, baking (much worse at cooking than baking TBH), singing...I've always loved things that exercise or showcase creativity.

What’s a fun fact about you?
I'm not super big on a lot of artificial food products, but I absolutely despise artificial cheese, to the point where I refuse to touch cheese puffs or anything that has the cheese dust on them. I've been like this since I was young; my parents both love the products, so it's not a nurtured habit, but they were definitely never my thing.

How did you end up joining Springfield?
Such a fluke that I'm here, to be honest. First couple weeks of freshman fall, I was trying out a bunch of different clubs and nothing was sticking; I rushed through Panhel, then got strep throat halfway through and figured it was a sign that it wasn't meant to be. I was attending meetings for smaller orgs, but as far as getting involved with a THON org, I was too nervous and figured it was too late. Read: IT IS NEVER TOO LATE!!! I was the stereotypical but incredibly true little fish in a big pond- I went from knowing everybody in my 1200 person high school to feeling like nothing more than my student ID number. In September, I texted a girl I graduated with on her birthday and asked if she wanted to get ice cream- she said sure but she was going to a Springfield meeting first, and asked if I wanted to come along. I was doing absolutely nothing, so I said sure! So, I walked in to the meeting room and here we are. The Community Chair at the time presented about a pizza crawl (like a bar crawl but, ya know, pizza), and I knew in that moment I had found my people- weird, quirky, and embracing.

What is your favorite thing about Springfield?
It is always said that Springfield is a family, and it as cliche as it is, that's exactly what we are. It's my home away from home

Any final comments?
Because Springfield is a larger organization, the organization feeling like a family rarely happens overnight. But when you put the time in to meet the people around you, go on fundraising weekends, go to Krew events, meet our families...what you get out is so much more than you put in. This organization has given me the chance to be a part of something so much bigger than myself, surrounded by the most passionate, dedicated, hilarious and kind people at Penn State. Springfield is undoubtedly the family I didn't know I was missing, and when I gave it that chance, it never disappointed.