What year are you?

Where are you from?
Montville, New Jersey

How did you end up here at Penn State?
I applied in a whim having never visited or knowing nobody who went here and I just trusted my gut, and my what a great choice that was!

What is your Major? Minor? Why?
Double major in Sociology and Political Science (if while reading this you sounded at all impressed I can assure it you it's not). I basically spend my days seeing how people function with each other in a society, assess their wants, and then see how government acts on this

What are your hobbies and interests?
Springfield and raising money FTK of course! I am I complete theatre nerd and will happily go see every play and musical with you! Also I do love politics and having a nice calm political discussion with someone

What’s a fun fact about you?
I'm ambidextrous

Where do you hope to see yourself ten years from now?
Working for the US Government as a policy adviser

What are you most proud of?
Being able to get to where I am without having to hurt anyone to get there

How did you end up joining Springfield?
I walked up to a different special interest org's booth during the involvement fair and they tried to explain to me what a special interest group was and I didn't understand it (mostly because I did not understand THON) so I decided I wasn't going to be involved it THON. Then that Sunday, my roommate told me she was going to a Springfield meeting and having nothing else to do I decided to go to the meeting with her and here I am a year later! 

What is your favorite thing about Springfield?
It is so rare to come across a group of such genuinely kind and accepting people like Springfield. We embrace the weird, the dorky, and the silly and do everything in our power to make Springfield a place for open arms where anyone is welcomed to join the family

What is your favorite Springfield memory?
My favorite Springfield memory was doing Nittyville with Springfield during the week before Ohio State. Before that I was never that active in the organization and didn't have any friends in it. That week I got to actually know my fellow Springfielders and fell in love with each one of them

If you could describe Springfield in one word, what would it be?
A hug

What impact has Springfield had on you and your college experience?
Springfield has become a family to me while I've been here at Penn State. Springfield has taught me to be myself because going about life being a silly and dorky person is way more fun

Why do you THON?
This was a question that I never really knew the answer to during my first year at Springfield and I think it is a question that I am still trying to figure out but here is where I am at with this question now. I always knew that when I grew up I wanted to help people, and with all my heart I believe in the idea that Helped people help people. Meaning that if you help someone then they will go along to help someone else in the future. I THON because there are kids who are sick but one day with the help of THON we help make sure they are better. Then when they are older they will be able to help someone else the same way THON has helped them. So I guess the short version of that is I THON so one day someone else has a reason to THON.