What year are you?

Where are you from?
Quakertown, PA

What is your Major? Minor? Why?
I am majoring in economics, finance, and security & risk analysis. My current career goal is to become a cybersecurity analyst for a Wall Street bank.

What are your hobbies and interests?
I really enjoy traveling and would one day like to compete on The Amazing Race. I also love sports and occasionally scrimmage with Penn State's club field hockey team, as well as competing in IM track & field. On the other hand, you can pretty much find me at any time doing Power Remix in the White Building or IM Building.

What’s a fun fact about you?
I am the only person in my entire family heritage to not be born in England (lol yes, everyone in my family has a British accent (sorry, I don't)).

What are you most proud of?
My proudest moment up to today is probably being one of the leaders of my high school's Mini-THON. My main position was treasurer, but I also helped fundraise, organize the event, create and teach the line dance, etc. It was only the second year my school held a Mini-THON, so our goal was $25,000. We actually managed to raise $34,374.18 though and I will never forget the feeling of holding up those numbers with all of my closest friends at the end of the event and realizing the true gravity of what we'd accomplished.

Why did you decide to get involved with THON?
I never knew what it was like to be truly passionate about something until I helped start and was a leader of my high school's Mini-THON. After this, I knew THON was forever going to be my thing.

How did you end up joining Springfield?
The lovely Matt Crager wouldn't stop talking about Springfield during SHO Time, so I decided to see what it was all about! I remember going to and having so much fun at the scavenger hunt in the fall and have never looked back since.

What is your favorite thing about Springfield?
How warm-hearted, welcoming, and passionate every single member is.

What is your favorite Springfield memory?
My favorite Springfield memory is probably the entirety of THON 2017. I spent 26 of my 38 hours at THON with Springfield, and they were by far the best hours of my life. I remember when I got off shift right before Pep Rally and I had to try almost every entrance back into the stands before finally finding an open one. The one I found was almost directly on the other side of the BJC from 120, so I walked through sections upon sections of frats and sororities to get back with Springfield. I probably said "excuse me" like 200 times, but it was worth it

If you could describe Springfield in one word, what would it be?

What impact has Springfield had on you and your college experience?
Springfield has given me a place to call home in this strange world known as college. I left my family behind only to gain an entirely new one, with hundreds of members. I have met some of my closest friends within Springfield and have experienced things that will remain in my heart and in my memories forever.

Why do you THON?
I THON to give struggling children and families something to smile for. Everyone deserves a better tomorrow and to give even just one kid something to be excited for means the entire world to me. I THON for Laney and the Dions, as well as the Colons, the Silbaughs, the Robertsons, and the Schopfs.