An Organization Rich in History, Thanks to Our Alumni

They say, “A Springfielder’s true strength is the Springfielder standing next to them.”  We are lucky to have an incredible alumni base that provides our organization and our families, past and present, with strength and encouragement throughout the years. 

In 2001, on the Springfield floor of Simmons Hall, a group of friends decided to create a THON organization independent of the traditional Schreyer Honors College group and Greek life. From the very beginning, Springfield has been a trailblazer in the THON community. As the first special interest organization (SIO) Springfield raised $6,500 and supported two dancers in THON 2001.

Over the last seventeen years, Springfield has grown from a handful of floor mates to 175 dedicated volunteers, from two dancers to ten, and from $6,500 to $168,078.73. None of this success would be possible without the support of our incredible Springfield alumni.