Zachary Moul Edit.jpg

Where are you from?
Carlisle, PA

What year are you and how long have you been in Springfield?
Senior, been here from the start.

Why did you join Springfield?
I knew about Springfield from orientation and I was interested in joining, but I wasn't really hooked on the Organization until I went on my first Canning trip. For someone to so selflessly give up their house and food to a couple of college kids who were selflessly taking a weekend to raise money for kids with cancer, I knew this was an Organization that I wanted to be a part of. Soon, I met a couple great people within SF and began forming friendships that will last a lifetime.

What is your favorite Springfield memory?
Canning will always be my favorite memory but in the recent past, I was able to go on a family visit to see the Schopfs. After seeing Taiven progress through his treatment for the past 2 years, it was awesome to see him living like a kid again in spite of all he has been through. That memory and many others drive my involvement with THON today.

What does Springfield mean to you?
Springfield is encouragement. We encourage our families through the abundant love and support of people they haven't even met yet (but want to meet). We encourage each other to get involved and try new things. We encourage within by being around an inviting and positive group of people that welcome new ideas and promote group involvement.